History of Logistics Part 1: Introduction

Every war is a business not only military but also economic. This reality will appear later in the context of preparations in anticipation of a war, when will provide support for food and the provision of equipment and transportation. There is no other area of warfare that logistics that allows for such elaborate preparations in peacetime.

This fact considerably strengthens the will to defend and the strength of strength of a nation. Logistics is the condition that must first be satisfied to allow any tactical operation, to use military force at the right time and even achieve strategies to achieve the targets set nationally in terms of security. Logistics provides the means while the strategy and tactics

dictate plans for the deployment and use of these resources for operations military. Logistics is an integral part of military conduct, significant at all levels the armed struggle, that of the individual soldier (sustenance, drink, hygiene, and weapon ammunition) to the operations (interactions between logistics and tactics) passing
by the politico-strategic level.



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